• ZB Touch Fundraising
  • ZB Touch Fundraising


Become a ZBTF 2017 Research Partner today and help us raise $40,000 by June 2017.

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Please note we are a 501(c)3 organisation so donations made in the US are tax deductible.

Alternatively please send a personal US dollar check payable to:

Zero Balancing Touch Foundation
c/o James McCormick
335 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139

The ZBTF has been established to promote the therapeutic use of skilled touch as a means of improving a person’s health and vitality. We aim to achieve this by educating health-care professionals and the general public about the benefits of touch in bodywork therapies, with a special emphasis on Zero Balancing.

To fulfil this mission we are actively engaged in the following projects:

  1. Launching the ZBTF Research Partnership sponsoring ground breaking research into the beneficial effects of the skilled touch of Zero Balancing, set to begin in March 2017.
  2. Publishing the biography of Fritz Frederick Smith MD written by David Lauterstein. The book is currently with the publisher and is being shepherded through the process by the ZBTF.
  3. Sponsorship of our successful participation at the 16h Annual Conference of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Chicago in 2015, and further participation in the 17th Annual Conference of IONs in 2017.
  4. Collaboration with the Zero Balancing Health Association to co-sponsor an International ZB Faculty Meeting in Chacala, Mexico during February 2016. This was an exceptional time of sharing, bonding and framing Zero Balancing as positive model for skilled touch in the world. We look forward to organizing further International Meetings in the future.
  5. Continuing support of the ZBTF ‘Envisioning Committee” to help future-pace the evolution of Zero Balancing and so create a long-term educational vision for skilled touch.
  6. Further development and management of this ZBTF website and database.
  7. Development of Public Education Classes on the benefits of touch for general health.
  8. Development of an Advanced Certification Program for Zero Balancing.
  9. Creation of an archives to collect and store Zero Balancing and touch related materials such as videos, writings, pictures, and study guides.

And how will we achieve all this?

As is typical of most educational non-profit organizations, we rely upon donations from friends, organizations, and community members like you so please give as generously as you can, both personally and financially, to support the important mission of the Zero Balancing Touch Foundation.

You can make donations to the general fund, or you can specify any of the projects currently underway or perhaps suggest other activities of your choice. We gratefully accept gifts of all kinds, including time, ideas, skills or creative partnerships.

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific research project or conference, please contact us directly by emailing us at info@zbtouch.org or telephoning +1 617 354 8360.

Thank you.