What is Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing is a gentle yet powerful system of skilled touch that heightens an increased sense of connection, peace, balance and harmony by working with expanded states of consciousness.

By engendering expanded states of consciousness – beyond a linear consciousness – ZB allows us to be in touch with our holographic nature.  As tissue held memories release, our internal world can shift and expand to more easily reframe our life history.

Developed in 1975 by Fritz Frederick Smith MD, a doctor of osteopathy and medicine, Dr Smith’s extensive study of Western scientific models and Eastern principles of energy and healing afforded him a unique insight into the relationship between energy or “chi”, as a force in the body, and the structural anatomy of the skeleton.

Dr Smith’s desire to integrate these principles into a single therapeutic system culminated in his developing Zero Balancing. “In the world of Duality there are different Laws of Nature than in the world of Unity. In the former opposites attract and in the latter like attracts like. How can we live in a world where both are true? We live in two different realities. It is relevant to Zero Balancing because we can move from one construct to another. We can put them into a functional relationship.” Fritz Smith MD

ZBTA Roots

“If you can balance something to neutral without judgement or comparison by holding it in its own space, it will naturally move to its highest possible benefit.”

Fritz Frederick Smith, MD

“Bone energy is the densest energy in the body.”

Fritz Frederick Smith, MD