Parent Science Institute – 2015

Another exciting development has been the ZBTF sponsoring a pilot research project into Zero Balancing led by Stuart Reynolds and James Strickland of the Parent Sciences Institute In Austin, TX. Hosted by the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage, this study evolved from an on-going dialogue between ZBHA Faculty member Tom Gentile and James Strickland over a number of years. Reynolds and Strickland have undertaken multiple studies exploring the interactions between groups, with a special interest in the relationship between parents and children.

The objectives of this research is to film sessions and collect data using wrist sensors on both client and practitioner measuring electrodermal activity (EDA), temperature and motion to see if there are any periods of synchrony between them during a Zero Balancing session, and then to describe those circumstances. The hope is to pin-point therapeutically significant moments and to correlate these with the data recorded and video recordings.

While this project is only a preliminary investigation working with only four participants, the potential is that this data can be used to develop a hypothesis that can then be rolled out into a fully-funded research project for Zero Balancing.