ZBTF Main Board:

Jim McCormick (Chair), Fritz Smith, Mary Murphy & Karli Beare.

ZBTF – Background:

The ZBTF is an independent, non-profit organisation set up by Fritz to protect the legacy of Zero Balancing in perpetuity. It is registered in Boston, MA and just over a year ago the ZBTF was granted 501(c)3 tax clearance.

As part of this forward planning to protect the legacy of ZB, the ZBTF has also been working closely with Dr Fritz Smith to ensure Zero Balancing has sound organisational foundations to support and nurture the needs of our growing international community.

These responsibilities are currently shared by 11 volunteers as members of the ZBTF Board which oversees the main activities of the Foundation; the ZBTF Education Committee that has been holding ‘Middle C” for Zero Balancing for the past 5 years and overseeing all curricular developments, and the ZBTF Envisioning Committee, that was set up last year to help realise the potential of Zero Balancing as a important contributor to world work.

A key requirement in our retaining the all important 501(c)3 charitable status is for the ZBTF to explore the benefits of skilled touch on health, well-being and realising human potential by engaging in three key areas of activity: research, educational outreach and conferencing.