What is Middle C?

Karli Beare

Participants: Cindi, Linda, Christine, Efrat, Dorsett

Karli led a beachside discussion on the meaning of Middle C. The group discussed Middle C in the body, in the organization, in our language, and in the work of the ZBTF.
What is “Middle C”? What does it mean? What does it include?

Key Areas of Discussion/Participation/Comments

1. Participants described where they feel Middle C in their bodies: – in hands – as you do all ZB Principles
– in Third Eye – a Knowing
– in sacrum – a solid, sacred starting place

– in centre – your pelvis – your core
– in a place beyond words
– it runs through you likes a current
– in that place in the heavens that binds us
In basic terms – everything that makes a fulcrum is all Middle C.
Middle C represents the common universal truth of ZB – a point of balance without judgment.

2. Organisationally:
Middle C is a neutral starting point – a clear point in highest personal regard
All music comes from Middle C – important for everyone to know what this sounds like, but then be supported when exploring major and minor harmonies.
The language of Middle C- to stay in harmony with one another.
Potential for ZB Life Skills Class – this would be C Major.

3. Language:
Use specificity of language eg: vortex is not ZB.
Important to build from basics when developing any Advanced Class.
How much is too much? Need to ensure it was a ZB class using ZB language in harmony with Core Workshop principles.

4. Foundation:
Protects integrity of ZB.
Protects the principles and the implicit quality of ZB as we move forward and expand. Like Jazz – provides a structure for personal improvisation within a common rhythm. Provides a common basic map for procedures and guidelines.
Allows for cross fertilisation of ideas.
Oral tradition allows for growth and development – not stagnation and limitation. Provides a place of unity with Founder.
ZB is like a living organism, with a heart and organs – and a spirit: needs a body to hold them.