My Best Wishes for 2016

Judith Sullivan

Judith came prepared with little packages including boxes, beads, and paper for writing wishes and gratitude. She led her group through a process of acknowledging their gratitude for different aspects of life and documenting what their wishes are for those life experiences in the upcoming year. Judith says, “It was the first time I had done this exercise and I was amazed afterwards how differently I felt (in a good way). I have my box on my desk and shake it every now and then. And it makes me happy. This was an exercise that I think would best have been done by the whole group as a unity exercise.”

Judith led “Boxes.” This was an experimental artistic exercise in which we wrote our best wishes for 2016 related to ZB as well as to ourselves. There were several categories which included Home and Family Life, My Work Life, Values to Embrace, Something I’d Like to Learn, Money, A Wish for the World, Health and Well Being, and Near and Dear to My Heart. Before each category, we would write our gratitude for what we did have. Then we wrote on the category slip, our wishes for that particular category. We had 2 minutes for each category which really helped to focus us in our intuition and not overthink everything. I was surprised at how my best wishes for myself were the same as my best wishes for ZB. If it was difficult to figure out a wish, then you could draw a symbol of what you meant. It took 20 minutes for the entire exercise. Then we folded each paper and put it in the box. Each fold was a fulcrum. In the box were several little seed beads. When all the wishes were in the box, we shook the box which was another fulcrum.

There were 4 people in addition to me. It was a 20 minute exercise that we went through efficiently. There were more boxes that people who didn’t go to the meeting were able to take. I don’t know if anyone used them as I haven’t received a report from anyone else who wasn’t at the “box” meeting.