1. Conscious Touch

Pat Dorsey, Ida Smith, Christine Baldwin

Pat was interested in exploring the role and power of Highest Personal regard and the field of Therapeutic Presence. Ida wanted to explore and identify qualities of Loving Touch, and Christine was similarly interested in the state of Stillness. They combined their efforts and created a meditative and hands-on exercise to optimally feel these qualities while doing ZB.

This group exercise was designed from the passion and excitement that Pat Dorsey, Ida Smith and Christine Baldwin along with the fellow participants brought to the group.

Our gathering was an exploration of three-fold.
– One was to access the expanded field around us,
– another to drop in deeply to stillness and presence,
– and from these places explore the capacity to clearly engage in three fulcrums that the individual/ the field is asking for and watch the power of this.
– Also to be aware of what one notices in oneself when accessing these sweet fulcrums. ***All of this ultimately is about being deeply present with oneself, with the field and with another so that the power of the work, the healing is amplified and there is an increased conscious awareness of what is needed.

– The beginning of our session, the meditation that was guided and the sitting in stillness together went well.

-Prior to our slowing down we had made clear who we were working with and what we were doing. It was a clear beginning.

-During the sessions themselves lots of ahas arose. For me personally, ultimately it was the safety to be unsafe. (Christine)

-Our ending needed more structure as we worked with sharing within our group and the importance of pauses, and the importance of a clear and well held container when working in an amplified field became evident.

-Our capacity to stay with the process allowed for a larger healing which impacts not only the individual but the group, communities, relationships, the world.

-For me, (Pat) trusting the Tao even when things got a bit wobbly revealed the reliable intelligence inherent in following the process with openness, compassion and high personal regard. A process that provided a very profound and powerful healing for some individuals and the group and one that gave us all lessons to enrich our teaching.

-One of which was to have all the logistical details about the bodywork swap set-up before going into the silent meditation and after the swap the partners sharing privately before coming into the larger group share.