Building our Base

Cindy Tefft

Cindy spoke passionately of the need to build the base of ZB clients from the general public, so there is a demand for more practitioners, which will create fuller classes, more of a buzz and name recognition of ZB. Discussion and Brainstorming ensued and everyone was inspired by Cindy’s leadership.

I’d like to share with you some of the information that came about from a breakout group at the International Faculty Gathering in Mexico recently; “Educate the World, Build Our Base” It would be great if we could keep the energy going on this item. Sometimes there is an energy drop when we aren’t able to attend or if the information doesn’t reach us. Pictures of charts will be included with this email. They may or may not make sense to you; maybe they will create a spark or an idea you may want to add and share.

While we need to create community and connections within the Zero Balancing arena itself, many of us on the faculty would love to see more general public involvement in ZB, creating a demand for practitioners, who would create a demand for more classes. In short, we would love to have people come to us asking us to teach, instead of trying to market, search out and fill classes on our own. The organization(s) have done a great job of top-down development. However, to become sustainable, we need to create an equal bottom up development. The work that has been done collectively and individually to create connections with other organizations has been awesome! Now, let’s work on BUILDING OUR BASE!

Several ideas were :
1. “Life Skills” classes using ZB principles and taught to general public, generating interest in ZB.(David Laden has written up about 30 principles and concepts in a nice format)
2. Flyers produced by the office that we could reproduce to give to general public. 3. Create better ways to communicate the benefits of ZB (share the ‘gold’)
4. Name Recognition
5. More research…..(great start here)

Several charts read Fantasy to Reality. Hopefully we will have Reality to Action Steps or something similar.