Studying Zero Balancing

Deciding to study Zero Balancing is a life-affirming choice. Such a decision offers you an exciting chance to explore in a safe and respectful environment the life principles and skills that underpin this innovative form of bodywork and to determine how these can support you in realising your personal and professional potential.

Since Zero Balancing was developed, its standing as a gentle yet powerful system of touch has evolved organically, relying on positive recommendation by word-of-mouth. Not surprisingly, interest in the study of Zero Balancing has developed in a similar way. Consequently, the background of many Zero Balancing students reflect Zero Balancing’s historic connections with acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, herbalism, various forms of massage, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, and counselling. Broadly speaking, such students have chosen to study Zero Balancing in order to expand their existing therapeutic training. They recognise that the diverse skills needed to become a Certified Zero Balancer can either ‘stand-alone’ as a valuable bodywork in its own right or significantly enhance their established practise by enabling them to engage their clients on a deeper level with increased clarity and ease.

More recently there has also been growing interest from those who are intrigued to find out more about Zero Balancing as part of a process of personal development. Such students find that as well as learning a valuable hands-on skill to practice with family and friends, their day-to-day lives are greatly enhanced by applying Zero Balancing principles in an active way. They do not aspire to become Certified Zero Balancers, but choose simply to enjoy the stimulating and rewarding process of learning Zero Balancing in the company of like-minded individuals.

We welcome and support anyone who is inspired to step out on a journey of personal discovery and professional development through learning Zero Balancing and skilled touch. Further details about how to enrol on a ‘Core’ Zero Balancing course such as  ZBI please contact your local ZB Association as per the links in our Contact page.