“Our body is the template of who we are. It holds our hopes and our potentials, our fears and limitations, in both our inner and outer worlds. As we alter the template the person is given a fresh opportunity for change, growth and inner peace.” Fritz Frederick Smith MD.

Over the years we have collated many case studies describing the power of skilled touch in a Zero Balancing session where the potential beneficial outcomes for a client, to feel vital and at one with themselves, is clear. But despite all this evidence, Zero Balancing continues to be one of the best kept secrets in bodywork. We were therefore delighted when in 2015 the ZBTF was able to set up a pilot study with the respected Parent Science & Neuro Synchrony Institutes to document the benefits of Zero Balancing touch and to give us further insight into what might be happening to the physiology of a client when experiencing a ZB session.

This 2015 pilot research focused on the interpretation of Electro Dermal Frequency data collected from both the client and practitioner during 4 ZB sessions. Early analysis was very intriguing and is written up in more detail here. But to summarise, the data strongly suggests a powerful synchronicity with the client coming into balance as they experience the skilled touch of the practitioner.

This new 2017 research study will build on the principles of the pilot, but involve 30 adult clients with controls. The design protocol will once again involve clients and practitioners both wearing unobtrusive sensors that record electro-dermal activity, temperature, motion in three planes, oxygen & pulse rates, but this time we hope to trial the collection of EEG measurements from some clients to record brain activity.

The study will be conducted by the Neuro Synchrony Institute in conjunction with the Zero Balancing Touch Foundation in Austin, Texas in March 2017. Considerable analysis in the following months will then be needed to interpret this raw data before any reliable conclusions can be drawn on how skilled touch such as Zero Balancing can support deep relaxation and well-being.

The NSI is a highly regarded research institute with expertise in both clinical practice, research methodology and assessment. One of their primary goals is to objectively and unobtrusively assess the physiological indicators that inform emotional synchrony in relationship between subjects. They have accumulated a lot of field experience and knowledge of how these indicators potentially connect the mind/body schism.

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